Protect your users and your organization with premium web content security

All businesses will have to get used to working differently, safer and where possible, remotely. This in itself can lead to security risks and vulnerabilities.

With the huge surge towards working from home, now and into the foreseeable future, many organisations will have sent essential workers home with computers that will now be connected directly to the Internet, with little or no security oversight.

This can lead to data loss, viruses, malware, etc.


Robust Content Filtering

Content Shield provides advanced DNS filtering and URL filtering that’s always up to date, and uses agent-based filtering to ensure remote users are fully protected even when they are off the network.


Centralized Management and Reporting

Content Shield gives you at-a-glance visibility into individual users’ status and activities, and creates customized alerts of malicious threats. Highly flexible and customizable reporting options make it easy to document outcomes, identify high-risk individuals, and more.


Real-time Threat Intelligence

The solution leverages Barracuda’s unmatched real-time threat intelligence network, along with live heuristic analysis, to ensure that downloaded files, endpoint files, and other traffic are free of malware and other emerging threats.


Blanket Policy Enforcement

Content Shield Plus makes it simple to define global, local, group-based, time-based, and individual policies, and enforces those policies transparently across all users and devices, on- or off-network. Optimize your bandwidth by limiting access to nonwork- related sites and services.


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