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Helping CSCM Ltd support customers worldwide

As an IT solutions provider offering a wide range of IT management and support services to business around the world, it is clearly essential for CSCM to stay connected to clients and colleagues at all times. IMS’s services to CSCM included providing all UK based office staff with new and improved phones. This involved removing their old phone system, transferring all existing phone numbers from an old to a new IP exchange. We also equipped their office with a new PC based reception console.


Utilising mobile apps, all CSCM staff can now make calls from their hosted phone system; regardless of whether they’re at the office or supporting a customer on-site. Any out of hours calls made to the support team are directly transferred to mobile phones.

In addition, Microsoft Outlook is integrated into all telephone systems, meaning that calls can be made from Outlook or even from websites. All sales apps, Outlook, static and mobile phone systems work together seamlessly.


An international customer base means that clients in all time zones need to receive the same high level of support and service from CSCM. The bespoke telephony solutions implemented have increased levels of flexibility, meaning that clients can reach the right team member easily, wherever they are.


We also support CSCM in managing their future telephony requirements, without any fuss. For example, we can swiftly provide phones and phone lines for new staff members, which the company are fully trained and equipped to manage themselves.

“Working with IMS has been easy, so easy that since the install, IMS have supplied a number of CSCM clients with the same phone system. This is a testimonial in itself.”

– Jude Thompson, Managing Director of CSCM Ltd

Making communicating as one seamless business effortless for Wallace Crooke

IMS assisted West Midlands Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors Wallace Crooke with integrating the telephony services at their Bridgnorth and Walsall offices, to streamline communications for both clients and employees. Traditionally, the two sites had operated independently. Both sites had BT phone lines installed using traditional internal telephone systems. This led to a scenario where their old telephone system couldn’t be integrated across the two sites. Initially the Bridgnorth site was upgraded to the hosted platform as its telephone system was at the end of its useful life. The plan was to upgrade the Walsall office too, once its telephone system reached the end of its useful life. BP&N installed two new high-speed fibre to cabinet connections into the Walsall office. Existing data connections were used at the second site.

Prematurely, the existing Walsall telephone system failed following a power cut. IMS were able to supply their demonstration equipment within 24 hours of the fault to ensure business continuity using the existing data lines. Within a week, IMS were able to install a new hosted system into the Walsall office. This meant that both sites became integrated with one hosted telephone system. Suddenly, it became simple to see whether a colleague working at the other site was available before a call was transferred to them. Also, by using mobile applications, the business owners could connect to both sites easily when working remotely.

Another huge benefit for Wallace Crooke was access to IMS’s portal, which enables them to make visible changes to their telephone system extremely quickly. These changes include creating and changing hunt groups and syncing diaries with voicemail.

A third business site is also in the process of being integrated into the hosted telephone system, as the system is flexible enough to fulfil the requirements of additional businesses.

“We have discovered many benefits to using the IMS’s hosted telephone system. In contrast to traditional systems, the hosted system can expand and grow to match the changes and growth of our business. With the recent acquisition of a new business, we were able to deploy the hosted system into their existing office and take control of all phone numbers using their existing broadband as a temporary measure, prior to moving the office into our Walsall branch. The hosted system is wonderfully flexible and the call quality is superior to the traditional phone system we used previously.”

– Richard Smallwood, Managing Director of Wallace Crooke